As I write this, it’s my final day of a pretty exciting, challenging and thought-provoking 6 month internship. I’ve had my ups and downs but I’m a firm believer in what interning has to offer. Here are my personal top 5 things about doing an internship!

The People

Over the course of your internship you’re definitely going to meet a whole host of new characters who will all add something to your internship experience. You’ll also meet people you just can’t get along with and people who will irk you to the point of wanting to walk out the door and never come back. This is typical of anywhere and no matter where you are, you’ll always clash with certain people. We can’t all get along with everyone; that’s not what the human condition is all about. The point is to make the most of the people who will provide you with a whole host of information, compassion and knowledge. Grow from these people and learn from their unique backgrounds. Take the more challenging characters as practise of being the bigger person. Love all, trust a few and do wrong to no one.

The Knowledge

I think I’ve finally conquered Dreamweaver. I don’t mean to brag but I can now create a website that looks semi decent and it’s all because of my time spend investing in messing around with the software while on internship. I’ve also learned how to use SharePoint, SAP and gotten better at Photoshop. I’ve practised my Excel skills and developed my knowledge of everything from Lean Practises and Continuous Excellence to the ins and outs of how to conduct a productive business meeting. Without a second thought, I’d recommend interning for the knowledge alone. It’s all fun and games to read articles and theory books and listen to a lecturer drone on about a particular concept but where the real knowledge is gained is in practise.

The Travel Opportunities

Travel far enough, find yourself” By my own reckoning (and the milometer on my car) I’ve gone around Ireland with a fringe this summer. I’ve driven every back-of-nowhere country road in the South East and beyond and can probably write a short book on routes to avoid. My Mini Cooper and I have become the best of friends (and on one or two occasions, the best of enemies) as I’ve navigated my way to and from Kerry. I’ve also had the change to see sites I never would have had the opportunity to otherwise and have driven a whole host of the Wild Atlantic Way. While I haven’t visited any exotic country (unless North Cork is considered exotic….) I’ve seen a lot more of this beautiful country than ever before and in particular have a new love for the coastline of County Kerry. The next chance I get, I’m, taking it international!

The Experience

Interning is all about experiencing. Use you time wisely. Experience everything you can; different aspects of the company you are working for, the business world, hobbies and passions. Exploring and questioning is a huge part of the learning experience!

Your internship, especially if it is college sponsored allows you the opportunity to step outside academia and experience the “real world” (Yup, adulating is real!)  Experiences you have on internship can help you shape your future and help you decide what you ultimately want to do in college. I interned in internal communications and while I learned a whole hosts of new skills, I’m now more convinced than ever digital marketing is where I want to steer my career. Take every experience as a chance to learn something new.

The Employability Benefits

For a lot of graduate roles, having relevant work experience is a huge benefit. While I would have loved to have gone off on Erasmus, I am delighted that I chose to develop my employability skills through the many varying tasks I’ve done during my time on internship. I’m also very proud to be able to say that I have started my career in a very well-known and much-loved Irish business.

Onwards and Upwards!





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