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  When I was younger I wanted to be a poet, a writer or an artist. I wanted to find a page to write on, a stage to stand on or an easel to paint on which would somehow express my little spot in the world. My interest in my artist endeavours diminished as I got…

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I grew up with my head in a book. I lived in the clouds and I was never more than a day or two away from my next trip to the local library. I relished information, lived for knowledge and thrived for learning. I still do.

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5 Things I Learned at my First Ever Gradfair

Last week the reality of leaving college kicked in. With just 12 short weeks left of my undergrad program (I repeat, TWELVE) I headed along to GradIreland’s amazing Grad Fair. I walked the busy isles, talked the talk with some pretty great companies and learned all there is to know about what my Post-Graduation option…