I’ve always been taught to learn from my mistakes; acknowledge the wrong doing, accept your faith, learn, grow and move on. The end of the year is usually a time for celebrating how great we’ve been all year; look what I’ve achieved, look how far I’ve come, look at my fancy car/job/life; aren’t I better then the 99%?? This is such an important factor in moving forward into the new year but I think we sometimes gloss over the proverbial elephant in all our lives; the mistakes, the f-ups and the downright WTF moments. I don’t believe in harbouring regrets; everything we do in life presents a learning curve but I do so strongly believe in making amends for the moments in life where we wish we had of done things a little differently. We need to celebrate the mess ups and learn from them; ‘fess up and move on. And thus, I present; 2016 – a Year of Making Mistakes

Not Doing a J1 This Summer. 

If you put the option of a Summer spent working in the US with friends; enjoying the heat and everything the American lifestyle has to offer or the choice of a summer alone in wet and wild Kerry, going to the cinema alone to avoid the rain and getting mobbed by teenagers everywhere you go in front of any Irish young person, they’re going to choose the US. I went with the latter; Kerry. Any yeah, Kerry has it’s beautiful scenery and it’s charm but a J1 is a once in a lifetime experience. This summer I graduate and my last chance at a summer spend working in the US arises. Job prospects/Graduation plans permitting, I’ll be jetting off to have my chance at a (mini) American dream sometime in the near future!


Local vr Multinational 

I only wanted an internship out of my hometown and I strived for the biggest name I could possibly (and I got it) Global superstar status aside, I never considered what I’d get out of the whole experience when choosing my placement and I think that was mistake number uno this year. Yes, I took chances, spent 6 months on foreign terrain (well…. as foreign as Kerry and North Cork takes you) and learned a lot more about the business world, got to see a lot more of Ireland and worked with a pretty interesting Global Project that isn’t something an intern would usually have access to but ultimately I spent 6 months feeling quite down and out and not doing what I alas learned I really wanted to be doing.  I think the one good thing that came out of my 6 months away was that I realized internal communications (or HR) isn’t for me and I suppose that and the skills and knowledge I gained made the whole experience less of a write off. Had I stayed at home, chances are I may have had a similar experience but I never even considered the option of working for a lesser know company. At least now I have a name on my CV that starts dialogues and conversations but I can’t help but consider at what price? Follow your heart and not your ego……


Not Taking More Chances

I’m definitely the Tom in the Tom and Jerry Dynamic – I’m a ‘fraidy cat. Though I know when to be reckless, abandon fear and give my best try in the working world; my personal life is one where I am the most terrified. I guess in essence I fear what everyone, everywhere shares an underlying terror of; failure. Through living a million miles away from home, I’v had to get out of my comfort zone and I think I am coming around to the idea that sometimes the best opportunities will arise when yo are not afraid to dive straight into the unknown. 2016; send all your chances my way (I’m almost ready)


Not Speaking Up More

By default I’m quite and shy (until I’m comfortable by which case you’ll be blocking me on Facebook and unfollowing me on Twitter when I launch into one of my pseudo-political rants) but I’m not adverse to making friends and meeting new people; I do enjoy being social. I do so wish though that I had taken the opportunity of living away from home and working in a new environment to be a bit more “out there”. I found living in Kerry very lonely and thus repressed a bit back into the socially inverted child I once was. I think some of this may have had to do with the people around me who had some trouble welcoming a strange, Deise girl into their already tight-knit groups (Employers take heed, make sure you’re interns are welcoming to everyone!) and partially to do with the intense shyness that seems to emulate from being away from everyone I knew and loved. In 2017, I vow to not let myself become a shadow of my former shy self and instead work on being the same kooky, loudmouth I am when I’m with my friends, no matter what situation I am in.


Dropping my Thesis in Favor of an “easier route” 

If someone offers you a way out of writing your thesis, you’re going to jump at the chance right? My advice? Double, triple and quadruple check what’s involved. I took a Selling and Sales module last semester in the place of finishing my thesis and within minutes realised Sales isn’t for me. I don’t have the personality to be a star seller and I certainly will never make it in the telemarketing industry if my past cold-calling experiences are anything to go by (long story) I learned some interesting techniques and enjoyed the chance to learn how to read people’s personalities from their handshakes but ultimately the biggest take-away I got from the classes was that if you want to make a sale, do not scream full force into the face of your customer for 20 or so minutes until they eventually have to give you a leeway just to get you to quieten down. (My Thesis would have been on Gender and Advertising with a particular focus on the changing portrayals of females within the advertising industry….. you can read parts of my literature review in blog format here!)

colourful books on shelves

Crying Over Spilled Milk (and Other Silly Things too) 

If I were into New Years Resolutions, I’d make 2017’s about crying less. This year I’ve been a blabbering mess. I’ve cried in cars and in college, in work and in public and that one time I cried so much on the train a lady asked me had I broken up with my boyfriend (because that’s the only viable reason a  21 year old girl would be sobbing her eyes out on the train to Cork at 10.30 in the morning) Most of  the time I can’t even recall the reason for my tears this year (and the first person to mention hormones will promptly be given the biggest and sharpest…. lecture about “things-you-really-don’t-say-to-the-females-in-your-lives) I guess 2016 has just been an emotional one.

And now that I’ve embraced this year’s mistakes and mess-ups, I can move on to building a happier and more exciting 2016. Life’s what you it after all and if we can’t grow and learn from the mistakes, how ever will we over-come anything?



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