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I grew up with my head in a book. I lived in the clouds and I was never more than a day or two away from my next trip to the local library. I relished information, lived for knowledge and thrived for learning. I still do.

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5 Things I Learned at my First Ever Gradfair

Last week the reality of leaving college kicked in. With just 12 short weeks left of my undergrad program (I repeat, TWELVE) I headed along to GradIreland’s amazing Grad Fair. I walked the busy isles, talked the talk with some pretty great companies and learned all there is to know about what my Post-Graduation option…

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Surviving the College Year

Tips and Tricks on how to keep financially afloat in college. I’m a spender not a saver. I’m good at putting money away for a rainy day (and then spending it) and making silly, spur of the moment purchases. For the start of my college life, I realised I needed to get a little sense…

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Changing Boredom Into Productivity

I hate being bored. I’m an active person and I’m most certainly not the type that can sit around and do nothing for hours. Even when I’m near exhaustion, sprawled out on my couch with the television blaring I need to be doing something else; I’m the model dual-screener.