Here lies the mutterings of a Marketing With Advertising and Online Media graduate and she navigates the “grown up” world. Órla is 22, an avid lover of all things digital and dreams of one day owning a lot more dogs than the bichon frise she currently single parents now. She is passionate about education, equality and the pursuit of the perfect chocolate cake and has been described as a “feminist before breakfast” by friends (what ever that means)

She is enthusiastic about all things digital, aimlessly ranting about the topic of the day and taking adventures in the great wide somewhere. She loves social media, Disney and speaking really loud and really quickly about topics that bore her long suffering friends.

Órla hopes to one day be an educator but for now, she busy learning the ins and outs if being an adult. When she is not plotting her world takeover or busy as a Marketing Executive, she works to help local businesses navigate the digital world (one plugin at a time).

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